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Case Studies

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Water Services

Updated Communication Tech & Systems

Indigo Workplace collaborated with Infiltrator Water Technologies to modernize their communication strategies, swiftly implementing flexible solutions. The result? Improved and simplified communication channels.

Advanced Manufacturing

42% Improved Clarity in Communications

Advanced Drainage Systems partnered with Indigo Workplace to seamlessly integrate corporate branding with safety program elements. The outcome? A balanced approach that enhanced corporate cohesion while addressing departmental needs.

Food Manufacturing

Driving Safety Engagement up by 65%

Indigo partnered with a snack food manufacturer for a custom safety culture program, featuring relatable branding and targeted campaigns, which led to a 65% increase in safety awareness and a decrease in workplace incidents.

Global Parts Distributor

Reduced Costs of Incidents by $3.6M

Partnering with a major parts distributor, Indigo Workplace crafted a bespoke content program focusing on safety, sustainability, and wellness. The result? Globally distributed branded content, a 94% improvement in distribution accuracy, and a $3.6M reduction in incident costs.

Energy, Oil & Gas

Reached 80% Faster Communication

Indigo Workplace’s solutions helped to enable Kinder Morgan to slash communication time by 80%. The platform facilitated a robust communication strategy, ensuring brand consistency in safety messaging and fostering a more informed and engaged workforce.

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