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Case Study #3


Outdated Training Approaches

Traditional training methods ineffective for safety engagement

Retention Challenges in Safety Training

Concerns about knowledge retention and safety procedure implementation

Safeguarding Employee Well-being

Potential risk for employee safety and well-being

Client Overview

Prominent snack food manufacturer and distributor with over 55,000 employees


Customized Branding

Establish a relatable safety culture brand

Targeted Safety Campaigns

Address high-risk areas with engaging campaigns

Employee Engagement Strategies

Foster ownership and commitment among employees


Increased Safety Awareness

65% increase in safety engagement

Enhanced Knowledge Retention:

Improved memory recall of safety procedures

Improved Employee Retention and Reduced Incidents

The positive correlation observed between safety engagement and employee retention, a significant decrease in workplace incidents


The successful collaboration underscores the transformative impact of innovative safety solutions, with Indigo Workplace’s approach yielding significant improvements in safety awareness, retention, and workplace safety.