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Case Study #2


Changes To Corporate Branding

Updates to corporate branding guidelines caused confusion and inconsistency across departments.

Decreased Employee Engagement

Employee engagement dropped significantly, with the most pronounced declines in the manufacturing and shipping sectors.

Ineffective Communication

Uniformity of messaging failed to resonate with the diverse workforce.

Client Overview

Advance Drainage Systems (ADS) is a leading manufacturer of stormwater and onsite septic wastewater solutions with more than 10 billion feet of ADS pipe in service around the world. Having a worldwide reach of their products and services, they currently have 70 manufacturing facilities and 40 distribution centers and employ 5000 employees.


Comprehensive Feedback Survey

Establishing a community for ongoing improvement through employee feedback.

Design Strategy Alignment

A design strategy blending corporate branding and safety awareness seamlessly.

Creating A Distinct Program Brand

Distinct program branding for relevance and visual distinction & employee engagement.


Survey feedback

47% appreciated new content's visual appeal, and 42% found it more effective in conveying messages.

Targeted Engagement Boost

Improved engagement and resonance with specific audience groups.

Strengthened Communication

Enhanced safety communication and corporate messaging.


The successful integration of corporate branding with distinct safety program elements demonstrates a balanced approach that maintains corporate cohesion while addressing unique departmental needs, facilitating continuous improvement through feedback and a rotational template schedule.