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Case Study #1


Inadequate Digital Signage Solution

As IWT's workforce grew, its existing digital signage solution failed to meet evolving communication needs.

Comprehensive Communication Objectives

Goals included corporate messaging, location-specific communication, and real-time shipping schedules.

Urgent CEO Mandate for Change

The CEO demanded immediate implementation of a new solution, adding pressure to the IT team's search.

Client Overview

Infiltrator Water Technologies (IWT) is a leading provider of eco-friendly drainage and septics systems founded in 1987. Has become a major player in the wastewater industry, serving all 50 states with innovative water infiltrator chamber systems.


Support Amidst COVID-19 Challenges

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Indigo continued to support essential businesses like IWT, delivering timely solutions.

Elevated Engagement and Efficiency

Indigo's commitment and professionalism exceeded expectations, with IWT now benefiting from enhanced employee engagement and operational efficiency.


Pioneered Solutions

Indigo emerged as a visionary partner, offering a dynamic, customizable, and scalable strategy.

Seamless Content Management

Indigo's content manager impressed IWT with its ease of use and minimal training requirements.

Optimized Internal Communication with Custom Templates

Custom templates, especially for the shipping department, streamlined internal communication and logistical operations.


IWT’s collaboration with Indigo has revolutionized internal communications by providing employees with a user-friendly and efficient digital signage platform, highlighting the significance of innovative solutions for adapting to the changing demands of contemporary workplaces.