Welcome to Indigo Workplace Communication. We are a unique, fully integrated organization creating the most dynamic concepts in workplace awareness today. Our proprietary approach to communication has resulted in sustained results for North America’s largest, most respected employers for over 25 years.

The Best Digital Signage Available

… with its unlimited reach and capabilities, digital signage is revolutionizing the way employers communicate with their workforces. Indigo Vizual® is the most advanced, yet user friendly digital signage solution available today. Our sign software combined with an unequaled selection of stunning workplace content are guaranteed to drive your culture to new heights of engagement. Learn More →

Affordable Printed Solutions

Not ready to go digital, but still wanting an effective and affordable approach to increasing awareness? Take advantage of the industry’s most accomplished designs, with materials professionally presented in an Indigo Workplace awareness center. Learn More →

How Can Indigo Engage My Workplace?

The power to create an exciting workplace is now at your fingertips. Contact our Communication Experts today to learn how enriching your workforce through communication has never been easier.

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