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Case Study #4


Generic, Uninspiring Content

Content failed to resonate with diverse employees, hindering engagement.

Logistical Challenge

Inaccurate location data led to distribution issues.

Limited Measurement Capabilities

Difficulty in gauging engagement and effectiveness hampered improvement efforts.

Client Overview

Leading global service organization specializing in parts distribution with over 60,000employees across North and South America and Asia-Pacific (APAC)


Customized Content Development

Branded content tailored to diverse employee needs and environments

Optimized Distribution Process

A comprehensive system for accurate location data and streamlined distribution

Engagement & Measurement Integration

Custom testing application for tracking knowledge retention and material utilization processes for ongoing assessment


Enhanced Safety Performance

21% reduction in workplace incidents

Increased Sustainability and Wellness

More environmentally conscious employees, active participation in wellness programs

Cost Reduction

$3.6 million in savings from streamlined distribution and optimized content production


The successful partnership highlights the importance of tailored communication, efficient distribution, and robust measurement practices, leading to a safer, more sustainable, and wellness-focused work environment.