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How to Maximize Your Operational Efficiency Using Digital Signage

When your “new normal” is changing on an almost daily basis, it can feel challenging to get traction with your internal communication. But your employees feel this to an even higher degree – with workplace protocols and CDC guidelines constantly changing, your employees need a sense of stability now more than ever.

Digital signage is an excellent tool to answer this call. With an affordable entry point and flexible collaboration tools, using digital signage as your centralized internal communication platform can maximize your operational efficiency and provide normalcy to your workforce. To accomplish this dual purpose, consider using digital signage as an operational tool in working toward the following goals.

Bring your data front and center

Gathering your company’s most used key performance indicators, pulling them together in a spreadsheet, comparing the results against your internal goals, and sharing those results broadly across your organization used to involve hours of time and effort. With a custom digital signage template, this process can be automated with API integration so that real-time KPI’s are shared immediately.

By working with digital signage experts like your team here at Indigo, you can develop custom dashboards that are directly tied into your business systems and populate the latest data for your teams automatically. Sharing these custom insights is as simple. You can even display different metrics on specific screens so each department can have the most relevant data for their work goals front and center throughout the day.

Create a sense of normalcy for your team

By providing your employees with a digital communication center that updates around the clock, you can instill a sense of normalcy among your team. Even when workflows, protocols, or schedules are changing frequently, your employees will know where they can find the most updated company information. When you prioritize your digital signs and share the most current information for employees immediately, you will train your employees to think of digital signage as the company’s core communication channel.

Still not sure of the value of having a regular, centralized information hub for your team? Consider these statistics:

  • 85% of employees say they are most motivated when they receive regular updates on company news from their managers (Trade Press Services)
  • 68% of employees say they experience work delays of 3.5 hours per week on average while waiting for information (SIS International)
  • Inefficient communication costs small businesses an average of $5,246 per year per employee, or about $524,569 annually for a small business with 100 employees. (SIS International)

Collaborate with other teams to improve your reach

If one of your 2021 communication goals is to improve the effectiveness of your internal communication strategy, leveraging the abilities and ideas of other teams can be a great way to start. By enlisting help from other department team leads, you can generate additional content ideas and make sure your messaging is inclusive for all departments within your organization.

Fortunately, comprehensive digital signage software offers flexibility for different internal teams to collaborate seamlessly. Your departmental leaders can easily schedule and manage content rotation for their departments or add content slides that can be shared across the entire organization.

Display the latest updates and guidelines in real-time

Now that the pandemic has been ongoing for nearly a year, taking extra health precautions and wearing personal protective equipment almost seems a normal part of life. Local health departments and governmental agencies like OSHA and CDC change guidelines and protocols regularly. Your company may also need to change employee work schedules, remote work options, or safety procedures as a result.

One of the fastest ways to deliver these updates and protocol changes to your employees is through digital signage. You can share a message to your employees in seconds – giving you the flexibility to notify all employees across the company without messages getting lost in email overload or spending valuable operating dollars printing health and safety posters.

Reinforce personal wellness activities

Although mandatory protocol changes need to be a priority, especially during a global health crisis, they shouldn’t be your only message. In it’s article “16 Ways to Streamline Internal Communications In Uncertain Times”, Forbes Magazine shared the importance of injecting uplifting content in your routine employee communications: “Pair factual updates with uplifting and encouraging messages. Teams are seeking regular fact-based updates from their leaders in order to feel informed right now, but they’re also seeking content and resources for mental well-being and sources of positivity.”

While information overload can be a concern, combining positive wellness-focused messages with news updates can actually streamline your internal communication process. Using digital signage to share key messages in short snippets – both facts and uplifting content – you are giving employees a well-rounded resource for the information needed to perform at a high level.

To learn how digital signage can help increase efficiency in other ways within your company, connect with one of our expert team members to create a customized digital signage solution that meets your unique organizational needs.