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Top 5 Benefits of Digital Signage in the Workplace

Digital signage is revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with employees. By utilizing technology to display their own content and integrating business applications, companies can regularly provide intentional messaging to engage their employees and enhance the employee experience. 

According to a study by the Center for Digital Education, 94% of organizations reported that digital signage had improved communication in their workplace. There are five ways employers can make a significant impact on their business goals by incorporating digital signage in their communication strategy:

  1. Improve safety in the workplace
  2. Increase corporate transparency
  3. Integrate business Apps to make quicker business decisions
  4. Boost the employee experience
  5. Create a stronger company culture

Improved Safety in the Workplace 

Safety should always be a top priority in the workplace. Digital signage can play a crucial role in keeping employees informed of safety protocols and procedures. For example, reinforcing safety awareness topics covered in training, important PPE protocol, safety tips, displaying emergency exit routes and muster locations, fire drill schedules, and severe weather alerts. This information can be updated in real-time or automated, ensuring that employees always have access to the most current safety information.

According to a study conducted by the National Safety Council, the use of digital signage can reduce workplace accidents by up to 25%. In addition, employees are more likely to remember safety information when it is presented in a visual format, such as digital signage. By using digital signage to improve workplace safety, businesses can not only reduce the risk of accidents but also increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

Increased Corporate Transparency

Transparency is critical in today’s business world. Companies that are open and honest with their employees are more likely to gain their trust and loyalty and have higher employee retention rates. Digital signage can be an effective tool for promoting corporate transparency by displaying key performance metrics, financial data, and company news. This leads to better communication between management and employees, resulting in a more informed and engaged workforce.

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, companies that are transparent with their employees have a 30% lower turnover rate than companies that are not transparent.