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Workplace Digital Signage

Power up with the signage solution that gets your message noticed.
Indigo’s digital signage software helps you deliver consistent internal communications without spending hours managing your content.
Discover how Indigo Workplace can drive results for your business.

Enhance Your Communication With Apps You Already Use

Amplify What Matters

Unify Employees with Corporate Vision and Goals

Share your company’s vision and goals to organically build a sense of shared purpose.

Raise Awareness of Benefit Offerings

Regularly advertising benefit offerings shows employees that your company cares and is invested in their health.

Increase Productivity

Display real-time production metrics to assist in quick decision making and help everyone achieve goals.

Improve Morale & Employee Retention

Strengthen employee engagement by consistently recognizing employees for their contributions, milestones, and successes.

Improve Safety in the Workplace

Reduce injuries by reinforcing your safety training initiatives by sharing safety awareness messages, safety protocols and procedures.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Reinforce your DEI standards to build trust and encourage dialogue.

Our Digital Signage Features

Content Scheduling

The simple drag and drop features allow you to easily organize your content, while our built-in calendars make scheduling a breeze. Use this to up your employee communications game.

Popular File Formats

With Indigo, you’re not limited to traditional video or image files. Upload Word, Excel, PowerPoint, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .tiff, and .mp4 files to give you the flexibility over what you display and how you display it.

Real-time Alerts

Your employees will stay informed with weather forecasting and severe weather alerts. Our digital signage conveniently runs news feeds like a ticker across the screen so your employees are always up to date with current events and local news.

Apps & Widgets

Broaden your engagement options with apps & widgets such as YouTube, RSS feeds, and other social media feeds that cover popular news, sports, and entertainment.


Add important KPI’s and production quotas to ensure operational success and secure better safety communication with your employees.


Share custom messages, company announcements, and track number of days safe with this popular feature.

Content Library

Improve your company culture with our massive library of workplace communication templates. Enjoy access to the industry’s largest workplace content library covering Health & Wellness, Motivation and Teamwork, Environmental, Newsletters, Safety and more.

Content Concierge

The ability to create enough engaging content is the greatest challenge with most digital signage. Let Content Concierge™ do the work for you by endlessly providing a menu of industry-relevant and seasonally-appropriate communication to your audience.

Quick Click

Tap into Indigo’s extensive content library to launch a new workplace campaign in seconds. This Indigo exclusive feature has become a favorite with digital sign managers.

Why Digital Signage is Right For Your Workplace

Bulletin boards and memos are no longer an effective approach for building and sustaining a relationship with your employees. Employees desire and value meaningful communication – but most companies struggle to deliver information in a format that truly resonates with their workforce.
Recent research by Weber Shandwick, a public relations agency, reveals that fewer than 3 in 10 employees feel their employer makes a sufficient effort to communicate with them. Digital signage provides the necessary communication platform employees are looking for in a creative and engaging way..

Content Library Designed for the Workplace

Enhance your corporate messaging with our premium and free content library. With our extensive knowledge of safety compliance, health, wellness and employee engagement needs, Indigo’s content and design team creates professional content and templates that supports your communication initiatives.

How Our Workplace Digital Signage Will Help You

Minimizing Bandwidth Usage of Digital Signage System

Many digital signage companies still stream content. Indigo’s proprietary technology avoids streaming, requiring minimal bandwidth to display even the most robust content.

Detailed Security Protocols For Your Digital Signage

If your IT department has specific firewall requirements for internet access, our digital signage experts will work with your team to identify any technology protocols necessary to successfully deploy your digital signage.

Workplace Communication Apps That Are Simple & Convenient

With Indigo, our intuitive management platform gives you access to every signage function and feature from a single view. You’ll become an expert in managing your content within minutes.


Workplace Digital Signage Facts

8 out of 10 recall information from digital signage

43% more persuasive compared to other workplace communication methods

Increases workplace productivity by more than 25%

Increases employee engagement 4x

Reduces workplace injuries by 20%

Reduces safety incidents and quality defects by 41%

Why Indigo?

Many digital signage providers offer plug-and-play sign players and online display management software, but few companies continue to provide concierge-level support beyond the initial setup. We’ll work with your internal teams – from HR to IT – to provide ongoing training while sharing industry best practices to ensure your unique communication goals are met.
As the recognized communication experts for over a quarter of a century, you’ll find we’ve included all the software features you need, and none of the ones you really don’t. The easy upload features of Indigo’s content management software empowers businesses to share vital communication with employees while minimizing the workload on your team.

Power Up Your Workplace Communication

If you’re ready to take your communication to the next level, we invite you to schedule a free demo to learn how Indigo’s software can dramatically increase your employee engagement. 

You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how Indigo is revolutionizing digital content management. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have about digital signage and how Indigo can help your organization – no strings attached.