Amazing People. Extraordinary Dedication.

Passion. Our Driving Light. It's our most important core value and truly represents the amazing people that make up the Indigo team. With a combined experience of over 300 years, we are professionals whose sole mission is to improve every workplace through better communication. Meet the individuals that work daily to exceed all expectations. Talented, tenacious and ready to serve your organization ... It's time you get to know Indigo.

Portrait of Jack Edgington Jack Edgington President
Portrait of Cathy Edgington Cathy Edgington Chief Executive Officer
Portrait of Janie Yanes Janie Yanes Director of Operations
Portrait of Evie Hernandez Evie Hernandez Corporate Traffic Manager
Portrait of Sandy Smith Sandy Smith Account Coordinator
Portrait of Sydney Priest Sydney Priest Account Coordinator
Portrait of Kari Wood Kari Wood Administrative Assistant
Portrait of Melissa Snow Melissa Snow Program Development Manager
Portrait of Dave Arbuckle Dave Arbuckle Senior Developer
Portrait of Christopher McWillie Christopher McWillie Lead Graphic Designer
Portrait of Nicole Williamson Nicole Williamson Graphic Designer
Portrait of Michaylah Malone Michaylah Malone Graphic Designer
Portrait of Malisia Vrana Malisia Vrana Accounts Receivable
Portrait of  Donna Vasiliu Donna Vasiliu Purchasing

Our Mission

Purpose Driven by Intent

To provide the very best in workplace communication through thoughtful design, effective collaboration and a desire to exceed all client expectations. By harnessing the power of our most valuable resource, our team, we are confident that we can make a significant impact in the lives of those we encounter each and every day. We exist to serve, we will lead by example and we will constantly strive to set the bar to which all others aspire to reach.


Our Driving Light

pas•sion The core that leads our spectrum of values is our passion. You can see it in how we approach our work, how we care for our employees and how we interact with our clients. Passion is the light that illuminates our company and it’s the light that guides our success.

Woman holding pad of paper talking to 2 sitting women in an office


Greater Engagement Through Thoughtful Design

cre•a•tiv•i•ty Our passion shows in our creation of better, more engaging material. The goal of our designs is to capture attention while also sending a specific message. When we approach our work with creativity, our results will truly resonate.

Men looking at a poster design


We Convey Messages Effectively

com•mu•ni•ca•tion Our passion is clearly seen by how we communicate. The clearer our message, the more impact we can make. With that knowledge, we are committed to making our content as intentional as it is engaging.

Man showing a screen to two women taking notes


We Exist to Exceed Expectations

serv•ice Our passion for our business translates into our passion for understanding yours. The value of service is often overlooked by other companies. To us, there is nothing more valuable than our ability to provide our clientele with an exceptional customer experience.

Men looking at a poster design


We Lead Instead of Follow

vi•sion Our passion for communication drives us to be better, to seek out new solutions, and to innovate for the future. The courage to lead comes with risks, but we understand that nothing worth accomplishing comes easy. With a strong vision, we embrace the future with unbridled optimism.

Indigo Visual team around a table with laptops


There is Always More to Learn

knowl•edge Our passion for communication is born from our existing knowledge and motivates us to want to learn more. The abilities we have to access information have never been greater. We have built a strong foundation from our experience, yet we are even more excited about what we have yet to learn.

Woman writing on whiteboard while two men observe