Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Engagement System?

The Digital Engagement System combines hardware and software to enable users to upload content and play across multiple displays with just a few clicks of a mouse. The system requires a display screen (TV) with 1080p resolution and an Indigo Vizual® sign player with proprietary software that runs the sign. System users access a web-based interface to upload content and manage signs.

What is Required for a Digital Engagement System?

The system requires a display or TV with 1080p resolution, an Indigo Vizual® sign player, electrical outlet for both the display and player as well as a dedicated network connection. See more details in How It Works.

How Do I Manage My Content on the Digital Sign?

The system allows users based on administrative rights to manage one or more signs through a web-based interface. Users can easily upload documents, images, or video from any computer with internet access and schedule to play immediately or for future dates. Weather radars and severe weather alerts are pre-programmed prior to shipment of the players. Users can remove or add zip codes or counties. Ticker feeds can be set to count days safe as well as include a custom message. You can create as many ticker messages as well as change background and text colors on all ticker feeds. If you find yourself too busy to upload new content, our Content Concierge can do that for you. With a single click, you can automatically display continuous industry relevant content.

How are Images Displayed on the Screen?

The display requires an Indigo Vizual® sign player to control the sign. The player controls the playback of the content uploaded by a user by reaching out to the sign manager systematically for new content. Our system does not stream content which keeps network usage to a minimum.

Can I Display My Own Content on the Screen?

Yes! Our web-based interface makes it easy for you to upload documents, videos and images and get important content out to your entire enterprise in seconds. Acceptable file types: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, pdf, jpg, png, tiff, and mp4.

Can I Use My Own Displays?

Yes! We ask that displays used for the digital signs be 1080p resolution. We also have commercial displays available designed for extended use applications. Consumer screens have a life expectancy of 2 years or less, carry a limited warranty and not designed to be turned on for extended hours. Commercial displays are designed specifically for extended use of 16 or 24 hours and may include the following features:

  • Built for long, continuous operation (16/7 to 24/7).
  • Power on/off scheduling – can be scheduled to turn on and off automatically reducing the need for human intervention.
  • Eco Sensor – screen automatically adapts to the light in the room.
  • Screen “burn in” protection.
  • Greater brightness rating for enhanced viewing.
  • Extended manufacturer warranty (typically 3 years).

What is the Warranty on the equipment?

3 years.

Who Should Be Involved in the Planning for Digital Signage?

Here are just a few things to consider when planning for digital signage:

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What type of materials should you include on the displays?
    • Wellness, Safety, Production Notices, HR and Corporate Announcements, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.
  3. What other departments can contribute materials for the displays?
  4. Who is my internal point of contact for network and internet access?

So, who on your team should be involved? Regarding communication for example, if your goal is to increase safety awareness, you may want to consider having support from your Safety Department as well as your Human Resources team. A solid safety awareness effort can certainly benefit from including health and wellness content and participation from other departments.

In terms of technical support, we know that understanding your IT infrastructure can be intimidating or confusing at times. We will work diligently with your IT department to ensure everyone involved has a clear understanding of the steps required to make your digital signage effort a success.

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