Portrait of Emily Nemeth

Emily Nemeth
Account Coordinator

As an Account Coordinator, Emily works closely with Indigo clients to identify and define project requirements, scope and objectives. She is passionate about providing each client with exceptional service and ensuring that each project exceeds all expectations. With her innovative thinking and strong communication skills, she coordinates all the moving parts as projects evolve allowing the technical, design and production teams to execute their roles seamlessly. Her commitment to both her clients and her co-workers makes Emily an invaluable member of the team.

Emily has an extensive background in management and customer service. She shares a refreshing persona that is genuine and uplifting. Her passion and fresh approach is reflected in her projects and brings out the best in everyone that works with her. Besides serving our clients, Emily is committed to her fellow team members and goes out of her way to show everyone in the office appreciation for their efforts. According to Emily, “The culture that has been created within Indigo is personable and humbling. I take pride in where I work because it is more than just a workplace, it is an outlet where I can utilize my strengths for a greater purpose.”

Emily treasures time spent with family and friends. She stays active by exploring new restaurants or traveling to see loved ones.